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About Us

Our Mission:

"Giving everyone who suffers from back, knee or hip pain the opportunity to reduce their pain and enjoy a good night's sleep."

How we ensure that you achieve the desired result:

By giving your body the support it really needs, you can protect yourself from pain and prevent it from getting worse. You will wake up feeling rested and without pain. A great start of the day!

Did you know that:

99% of MrSweetSleep™ users experience pain relief and improved sleep, most of them within their first night!

Why it works so well:

The MrSweetSleep™ was developed in cooperation with orthopaedic experts. We have spent a lot of time developing the most optimal design. It was a lot of work to create a design that would suit everyone, regardless of height or weight. Due to its unique shape, the cushion fits perfectly between the thighs, with a hole in the middle for extra stability and better air flow.

Why other people love MrSweetSleep™:

  • They wake up without feeling pain
  • They wake up feeling rested 
  • They fall asleep easier and more comfortable
  • They experience less pain throughout the day
  • It adapts perfectly to their body (one size fits all)
  • Its designed by orthopaedic experts
  • Their quality of life improves

Results Guaranteed:

If you decide it’s not for you, let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase. As easy as that.