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I could literally write a (short) BOOK about how my body has been feeling the last 3 days and about my thoughts about that. It is like a whole new world of possibilities opening. I cannot help thinking: "what if it was affecting my mood and I am going to start to feel happier? What if I can wear normal shoes again (using orthopedic shoes since 3-4 years now)? What if the pain does not come back? When will I get used to not feeling my back? I just don’t know how it is even possible that the effect is so drastic and so fast. It is like someone switched the "pain" button off.

Jodie H.

It is absolutely lovely to not feel my back at all times and envision that I might be able to act and move like a normal 44 years-old being from now on... The sad thing is: it seems so ridiculously simple that people who most need it will probably not try it. I am thinking about a neighbour of mine who has a similar problem, has been operated several times and has several spacers between vertebras. She is probably like me before I tried it. I am almost sure that if I would recommend it to her, she would just laugh and say that she has already tried everything and that a little pillow will in no way work better than the talented surgeons and doctors that took care of her..

Michael P.

Something I could never explain before is "why is it in the morning when it hurts more?" This is 100% non-logical. It is supposed to be because of a strain on your back. So if you have a good night of sleep when you don’t move, it should hurt less in the morning, your back has been resting all the time, it did not have to support you. I consider myself a reasonably intelligent person, yet I accepted the docs answer "it’s normal, that’s what happens because ...... (nonsensical arguments). Now it is so clear to say: it hurts more in the morning --> something bad occurs in the night that makes it worse. Still, I am astonished that just one night is enough to make a difference.

Sarah W.

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