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Relieve your pain and improve your sleep

Protecting yourself from pain

You're trying your best

One leg above and one under the duvet, or a pillow between your legs. You're trying your best to create a comfortable position.

Sounds familiar?

Unfortunately, your duvet and pillows do not provide you with the support and stability you really need.

And besides that, you might find them next to your bed in the morning...

Why not give your body the support it really needs?

The support you really need

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What Others Are saying

Almost every day, I woke up with pain in my lower back. First, I tried to place blankets and pillows between my legs. I even bought a new mattress, but nothing seemed to help. On recommendation of my physiotherapist, I ended up with the MrSweetSleep. Since then, I am enjoying my sleep a lot more. How lovely is it to wake up without any pain!

Jodie H. - 46 - London

After my knee surgery, I had trouble sleeping at night. Whatever I tried; it never relieved the pain for a very long time. This pillow has helped me a lot to get back to my normal sleeping pattern. Thank you!

Mike P. - 61 - Manchester

During my pregnancy, the only comfortable sleeping position was on my side. Unfortunately, my lower back and hips started to hurt, so I decided to try the MrSweetSleep. The first night I already noticed a huge difference!

Sarah W. - 32 - Birmingham